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 This Month’s LinkedIn Training Tip: Join a Group

In 2006, when I still worked at Cisco, I started a little LinkedIn Training Group called “Cisco.”  Okay, not very creative or original. But I thought it was a good idea at the time to help Cisco folks leverage our mutual LinkedIn networks for career opportunities. HR didn’t like the idea […]
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Top 5 Ways to Stand Out On LinkedIn

From a recruiting and sourcing perspective I use LinkedIn on a daily basis. It is widely understood that recruiters use LinkedIn as a modern day resume database. And while you may not find yourself on the job market, it doesn’t hurt to keep yourself relevant just in case something happens […]
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Six Basic Things on LinkedIn That You Should Fix To Make A Professional Appearance

LinkedIn is the most essential social networking site for both professionals and job seekers. Just like Facebook, it can connect people and bring a lot of business opportunities in much formal way. You can build a strong presence on LinkedIn by establishing online reputation, developing brand awareness, spreading influence and […]
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10 Words You Should Never Use to Describe Yourself

Found this post on Inc, written by Jeff Haden and thought it was important for those of you thinking about writing your LinkedIn profile summaries. Consider the word “charismatic.” If someone called me charismatic, I will be incredibly flattered (and hugely surprised.) But if I call myself charismatic, you will think I’m a […]
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Spice up Your LinkedIn Profile Links, Yo

I’m not talking about customizing your LinkedIn profile URL. I’m talking about the three links displayed in your contact info area. Most people chose the standard language to describe these links, like Personal Website, Company Website, Blog and Portfolio. zzzzzzzzzz Take a look at this screenshot: Why not chose Other, […]
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20 LinkedIn Mistakes to Avoid

We all make mistakes, it’s just that some are bigger than others. When it comes to online mistakes on the social web, they are amplified.  This is because the “one to one” communication is now “one to many”. One of those social media networks that multiplies mistakes as well as […]
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5 Steps to Making the Best Connections

Most job seekers know connections are important. Especially when about 70 percent of job postings aren’t advertised, it’s all about who you know when trying to find a job. According to a recent survey, 92 percent of recruiters said they made a hiring decision because the candidate was a personal […]
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Ten Tips to Build a Social Media Following

If you ever want to attend an entertaining webinar on social media, check out former chief evangelist for Apple and current special advisor to the Motorola business unit of Google Guy Kawasaki. A few members of our social media committee attended his “Building a Social Media Following” webinar presented by […]
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Want That Promotion? 3 Easy Ways to Bring Your A-Game

We’re almost halfway through 2014, and it’s been months since most people talked about their New Years’ resolutions. How many of yours fell by the wayside before the end of January? It’s not too late to brush off those career resolutions and still follow through. You can still resolve to […]